Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coleus... "Under the Sea" Collection... Making a Splash in 2012

Photograph by Paul Gellatly (Coleus "Kong" collection)
One of my all-time favorite annuals is the colourful coleus.  Grown for their beautiful vibrant foliage, they are a great addition to your home or garden. The varieties, colours and textures are endless.  Coleus are sold primarily as annual plants for a partially shaded location in your garden; however they also make a very unique and beautiful houseplant.  I have had "Henna" as a house plant for several years now.

Photograph by Paul Gellatly Coleus "Henna"
Coleus "Henna"
Coleus are very easy to grow and take care of, both indoors and out.  The usual height and width is anywhere from 12"- 18".  Although there are smaller varieties available.  If a coleus gets spindly, pinch it back, and it will start to fill out nicely. They are very easy to start from cuttings in water, or soil.

Although most of the coleus I have seen are beautiful in one way or another, a couple of varieties stand out as exceptional. I'll discuss a few of them in this blog.

The "Kong" collection: This large leafed multi-coloured coleus has become very popular over the last couple of seasons.  They make excellent container plants, and can really spice up a dark corner in your garden or balcony.

Photograph by Paul Gellatly
 Coleus "Fishnet Stockings"
Fishnet Stockings: This is a beautiful specimen.  Lime green leaves with purple veins can be complimented in a basket or pot with other purple, or white annuals.

Photograph by Paul Gellatly
Coleus "Under the Sea" Collection
Henna: This has long been my favorite Coleus.  The frilled edges and stunning colour contrast is the main reason I've kept this as a houseplant for so long.
Photograph by Paul Gellatly
Coleus "Under the Sea" Collection

New for 2012 is a particularly nice collection of Coleus that will be available in select garden centers.  The "Under the Sea" collection consists of 8 new and exciting plants produced and distributed by Hort Couture;  it's sure to make a splash in your garden, your balcony, or your home.  I discovered this collection and have been eagerly awaiting its release this year.  I'm sure this is one I'll be growing for years to come.  If you happen to find a garden centre that is carrying this collection I would definitely suggest picking up a couple.

This company has never failed to impress me with the quality, and uniqueness of their product line... this collection is no exception.

For more detailed pictures of the "Under the Sea" collection, check out the website listed below.
Photograph by Paul Gellatly
Coleus "Under the Sea" Collection

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  1. I remember hating Coleus for the longest time, but then, recently, have really started to love them again!