Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Veseys... 73 Years... and Still Growing

 Photograph by Vesey's Seeds Ltd. (Golden Japanese Forest Grass)
Following up to my post a few weeks ago, my mail order catalogues have started to arrive.  I think I've received close to 20 now... I continue to be impressed at what is available.  Its time to start comparing, planning, ordering, and getting excited for spring!  Believe it or not... its right around the corner!  

Photo by Vesey's Seeds Ltd.
'Empress' Clematis
One company that particularly caught my eye is Veseys.  A company from Prince Edward Island, growing since 1939.  They have a beautiful catalogue full of colourful pictures and enough information to make a good decision on buying the right plants for the right places in your garden.  Their website (listed at the bottom of this blog) is also very user friendly, and packed full of great plants.  

Photo by Vesey's Seeds Ltd. Peony 'Celebrity'
I have no doubt you will be able to find more than enough options to add a plant or 6 to your garden this year.  Take the time to look over and compare the differences in flowering time, height, colour and shape of the plants offered.  Finding plants that overlap in flowering time will ensure you have interest in your garden year round.  

They have various collections well worth checking out... including:
Photo by Vesey's Seed Ltd. Gladiolus 'Laguna'
Photo by Vesey's Seed Ltd.
(Dahlia 'Smarty')
Dahlias, Begonias, Oriental Lily, Asiatic Lily, Gladiolus, Elephant Ear, Canna, Crocosmia, Coneflowers, Butterfly Garden, Day Lily, Clematis, Peony, Hosta, Fern, Shade Garden, Rose, Climbing Vines and many more!  

Check out the Mason Bee House.  This funky bee house can attract some great pollinators to your garden or fruit trees!   

You can easily request a catalogue, order, or inquire about products on their website www.veseys.com and follow them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Veseys
Photograph by Vesey's Seed Ltd. "Black Magic" Elephant Ear

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